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Glorious Empires

We are producers of miniatures commemorating or depicting famous events or civilizations in history.

I started as passionate hobbyist editing my first figure in 1984 while living near Windsor in England, now we are professional since 2005 and moved to the old city of Maastricht in the Netherlands in a part of the Old World steeped in history.

Our products are created 100% by hand using techniques, tools and materials dating back to the court of Louis XIV.

The figures or miniatures are called "flats", they are designed as 2D drawings that are hand-engraved into 2 small slabs of slate stone, 1 for each side, and together these form a mold. Using this mold the figures are hand-cast using an old drop-casting technique, the metals used are tin-alloys.

We plan to publish details on how to best paint our figures, not just for artists but also for the enthusiast to achieve an acceptable result.

We are proud to use the combined knowledge of our professional designers, engravers and casters to create these small "jewels" and off course 100% by hand.


Jacques G.H. Vullinghs