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  • French farmhouse, 1500-1900, 28-30 mm, flat

    MB/02 French farmhouse, 1500-1900, 30 mm, flat.

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  • Flat Houses, 28-30 mm.

    MB/02 French village house, 28-30 mm, flat.

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  • House 2 28-30 mm


Welcome to Glorious Empires, a leading designer and producer of traditional,  two dimensional toy soldiers and civilian figurines. Figures are available in different sizes (vignettes30mm54mm)Our figures are produced 100% by hand (including design, engraving, casting and painting), proudly using and respecting the same methods as 300 years ago.

In addition, we now start to offer our vignettes specially cast in silvertin then "aged" so that they don't need to be painted while still having an antique and sophisticated look.

 We also introduced a small series of T-shirts with prints of our famous vignettes printed by our master vignettes painters.

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