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GEM Announcement

The waiting is over! Over the past year, I have been struggling with my health, or, lack thereof. Let me take this unique opportunity to thank you for staying with... Read More

Eugene Leliepvre prints..

Sale of personal collection of prints by Eugene Leliepvre, hand-signed by the artist in crayon, these plates were sold in the 1960's and were with printed black signatures, only a... Read More
Eugene Leliepvre prints..

Start Single figure sale.

Sunday Dec. 6  We start the single sales, it is very time-consuming photographing each figure so we will spread it over several days, possibly all week, if a figure you... Read More

More figures added to sale...

I have just added a new load of figures sets to the sale, some more to follow today, then we will start with single figure. in between we will add... Read More
More figures added to sale...

Xmas Sale - we entered some French artillerie and Infantry, later tonight, some figures from the Egypt campaign.

We start the Xmas Sale.

Today we start the 2015 Xmas-Sale, we will update with new figures/sets regulary between now and Xmas, it will be a mix of antique figures, old figures, rare figures, odds... Read More

Start of Xmas season: Painted figures

During the next few days I will start adding painted 54mm figures for sale (Figures for Collectors), there are 2 styles of painted figures: a. Toy Soldier style painting and ... Read More

update on system

Well were really are functioning now, the ordering system works and the first orders are coming in. As we try and work our way through the system manuals we find... Read More

First Post

June 1 - 2015:   Hello future customers, today we open our web-shop to you and hope to have solved most issues by now....should there still be problems, mistakes, mislabeling etc... Read More