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Details of the Xmas sale:

All the figures in this sale are old, varying from 1 to 200 years, although they will all be in reasonable condition, they will not be perfect.

Mignot flats

Especially the Mignots are a mixed bag, I have collected these for over 50 years, they come from swaps, sales, various collections, obscure shops, auctions all over the place and if they could tell stories it would be very interesting....  so no perfection, while overall they are not easy to get, there still is a tricle of supply.  however many are hard to get now and some very rare.

I have included some figures with some casting errors like horses reigns not quite completely cast, since most collectors prefer blemished to not at all, however if you are not satisfied with individual figures we will take them back.

Pre-Mignot figures, Museum figures

These are some of the first flat figures ever made, crude in design and detail, they have their own charme, especially when painted in the traditional "factory" style, a simple toy soldier style.

Any real flat collector should have some of these as it adds history and completeness to your collection. It is possible to supply some of these painted, just email me but have a lot of patience...

Mignot catalog

The old Mignot catalogs are orininals, I bought the leftover stock some 30 years ago, they date from the 1960's and have never been opened.

They are still the best picure catalog available and have become collectors items in their own right.

Odds and Sods

I have dug deep and left no box unopened, I found stuff I had forgotten and some I am sure I have never seen..age creeping up, I just stick them on a carton and put them in, there is sure to be something that makes somebody happy.

I wish you good luck and hope you find something you hae been looking for for ages!

Jacques Vullinghs.