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print 3 : Artillerie a cheval de la Garde

Designer: Glorious Empires

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A Eugene Leliepvre print, 240 mm x 315 mm, from the 1960's, printed and hand colored in Paris by La Gravure Francaise, hand-signed in pencil by the artist this is rare since most were machine signed in black ink. ex my own collection.

Eugene Leliepvre was not only a great painter of horses but also a great person and esteemed personal friend.

He once told me why he became a painter: he was about 6-8  years old when one rainy morning, he went with his mother to the market in Lille (which in 1916 was occupied by the Germans).  as they walked along the wet cobblestone streets they had to move over for a German horse lancer patrol, as they where just passinge him one of the horses slipped on the wet stone and panicked while desperately trying to regain its balance, its iron horse shoes clattered loudly and the horse screamed loudly. the whole thing impressed young  Eugene so much that he knew he wanted to paint pictures like that.

In WW2. he was gravely injured during the 1940 campaign and has retained significant hearing impairment from this.

In terms of works - that have been published, it would be quasi impossible to list them (just like Rousselot or Boisselier).

The most significant series of plates have been:

- An extensive series done for "The soldier shop" in NYC and printed by "La gravure française" covering mainly cavalry.

- Series done on the "ancien régime" for Le Cimier and also the "Hussard du Marais". Le Cimier plates should still be available - Hussard du Marais has gone out of business 20 years ago - you can find them secondhand.

- A work published by "Le Bivouac" on the french in America - and extensive series of plates. Look for the "Le Bivouac" association on google and contact them - they also have a serie sof plates by Rousselot on the 30 years war and a book on the army of the "Regent" also plates by Rousselot

- Numerous plates and articles for Le Briquet, La Sabretache/SCFH, various magazines

- He was the designer for Historex and Manufacture Historique des Soldats de Plomb for which he did colored cards, remarable black and white information sheets (which are a very good source etc.)

- A few Osprey titles on Louis XV's army

- Not forgetting his earlier work for BUcquoy including plates in Le passepoil.

- Also illustrations for Lavauzelle's imperial guard

His style is sometimes somewhat "impressionist" and lacks the accuracy and detail (willingly) of a Rousselot. He is also passionate about the 17th and 18th century.

Finally - on him: he was an avid horseman (this explains his wonderful horses and love of nature) and at some stage owned an equestrian club.

EUgene Leliepvre was probably the last of the great masters alive - one final point, his main "student" has been/is Patrice Courcelle.