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A Little Note

We prepared a little note to help you familiarize with our new website.

How do I find products?

1. On the top of the home page, you will find the main menu.


2. Choose the category of your liking, this is what you will find under each rubric.

'Prints and Publications': GEM books and magazines.

'Clothing': GEM T-shirts

'All figures': Individual figures that comes with wide ranging varieties such as painted/unpainted, aged, acrylics/oils, toy soldier style...  You can use our new filter feature to narrow down your search. 

'All sets': various sets that are organized by different period and themes.


How do I use this new filter feature?

Let's take All sets > Napoleonic Periods for example; 

1. In the left top corner,  you can choose desired region where the war/set took place or what size you would like for your purchase.

2. In the right top corner, you can choose to re-arrange the products either alphabetically, by price, by date and so on. (click the drop-down arrow)


How do I use the discount code?

1. At the checkout, you will see a field named 'Discount'. Enter the discount, take our GEM special T-shirts as an example. Enter "NEWGEM" or "newgem" (not case sensitive).

2. Simply press "Apply" once you finished entering.

3. Complete the payment details.

4. Done.